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... with the event schedules, medal scores, and regional leaders at featured events. Medalloid tracks the athletes, the medal scores, and serves up the data in an easy to read format.

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... and follow just the sports, venues, athletes or countries that you are into. It's never been easier to customize sports news to the sporting events that matter to you.

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...between seeing the latest social photos, and event based action photos. We cross the internet so you don't have to and bring back the action as it happens.

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Medalloid makes it super easy to keep track of what matters to you. Use the app to follow athletes that matter to you, and favorite the sports you want to check-out first before anything else. If you're familiar with social media apps like Twitter or Instagram, you'll enjoy how Medalloid serves up interesting posts.

  • Track your "Favorite" Sport or Nation easily

    Your favorite sports and countries are one tap away from the photostream. Once you select them, we make sure to push their latest updates to the app and keep you in-the-know.

  • its' Easy to "Follow" your sports too

    When you follow a sport or a nation, we keep those items front and centre on the photostream.

Medalloid celebrating moments of athletic endeavour

Picture Perfect

Every year the International Sports World celebrates global athleticism with a variety of events. Medalloid is your photostream of the athletes, and the nations, vying for the podium.

  • Human Curated

    Our team of editors find, showcase and share the social photos from athletes, fans, and sports oganizations.

  • Photo Attributions

    Medalloid always links back to the original social media account to properly attribute the photographer and help share their photos to a world of fans like us.

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... and discover the information behind the numbers.
Become a fan of athletic nations in a whole new way.

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Are you a photographer, athlete, or coach and want to see you're photos in Medalloid? Reach out to us on twitter → @Medalloid.


    If you're a sports fan, and can't find the sport competitions that matter to you, let us know. Our goal is to showcase the international medal based sports competition.

    As Medalloid grows, we will cover more and more events, more regions, and the full gambit of athletic levels of competition.

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